birthday cakes, pupcakes & cookies...

Our treats are made with fresh, organic, ingredients. Everything we use is human grade and we try to keep things as simple and as healthy as possible, since we wouldn't want anything less for Punkin or anyone else! 



a little history from pam... 

My background is in music - majored in piano and have been teaching since 1978 (I was very young!). For over 20 of those years, I baked for my students during the holidays and for recitals. Before long, cookies were joined by cupcakes, truffles, meringues... and people were continually telling me to open my own bakery.  I'd often dream of doing just that, but never thought I had the time until after we adopted Punkin!

In August 2013 we brought Punkin home, which was truly one of the best days of our lives! She is a rescue dog (AHAN.org) from Taiwan, a Formosan Mountain Dog mix, and at the time only 4-1/2 months old.  Very scared but very sweet, she immediately became the center of the universe for my husband and me, and we can never do enough for her. 

Baking for Punkin was the inspiration for finally following my dream (albeit slightly modified) and opening “Punkin & Me”.  We're a small wholesale operation, meaning I bake, frost, package, and everything else, and Punkin is the taste-tester!


Not only is the owner a dear friend, but her doggie cupcakes are a hit with my girl!! I recommend them to all dog owners. Get them for birthdays or just because!
— Frank